It’s not just review, review, review ’round here, y’know…

Articles & “Insights”

Are Slasher Films Misogynistic? – well, are they?
Stock Background Characters 101
– appreciating those bit-parters who usually just die
Twists of Fury – examining the most unbelievable revelations
Repreciation – ranking the remakes
Bad Brits – the evil British of the horror realm
When pranks go wrong – the consequences may be deadly
Rule Breaking – does sex always equal death in a slasher film?
Gay subtexts in horror – from guest writer Ross Tipograph
Remakes of the future?
Slashademics – academic books on the genre
Be careful what you fish for – a look at killer fish movies
Decade of the Afraid – The Best of the 2000s Part 1 and 2
Final Literation – the Final Destination tie-in novels

Lists of stuff

The Top 100 slasher films – a countdown in lots of 10
The 100 Worst slasher films – the antithesis of the above
Rankfest – popular franchises ranked best to worst
Ipso Facto – documentaries on slasher movies
Shitty Sequels – when Hollywood just doesn’t know when to stop
Almost but not-quite slasher films – they came close
The Best of Dire-logue
– facepalming lines
Before they were famous – the youthful stars of 90s horror
The 13 Best Friday the 13th Characters
The 13 Best Nightmare on Elm Street Characters
The 13 Best Halloween Characters
The 13 Best Female Killers
Sequel Showdowns (and Prequels) – is Halloween II better than Prom Night II? What about Friday V over Wrong Turn 5??? Answers here!
20 Final Girls We Love – (and 10 we don’t)
13 things to love about Friday the 13th
Hair don’ts – worst of the worst
Other films set on Halloween that aren’t Halloween
16 reasons why I unashamedly love Urban Legend
The dogs of slasherdom – man’s best friend deserves a mention!
5 Things I Wish They’d Stop Doing in Horror Films
A Final Destination movie a day – because I wasn’t already paranoid enough
If only… – slasher films-within-films
Why didn’t they die? – characters mysteriously spared the blade
Mother loves you – moms who go too far to express their love
Stick with what you know. Or die. – popstars who dared ‘act’ in a slasher movie
Mental Motives – the weirdest reasons to kill
The films I couldn’t finish – they were just that bad
Half-star films – they were also pretty bad
Har-de-har-STAB! – the best and worst parodies
Title Cards – a rather pointless overview of title cards

Other randomness

Crap Killers – those who should’ve found a different hobby
Sexy Psychos – and those who are just too good looking
Cold Prey vs Coldplay – awesome European slasher films against drippy guitar strummers… who’ll win?
Ridiculous Scene O’ the Month

TGI Friday – celebrating anything Friday the 13th-ey
VIPs of Slasherdom
– seminal characters of the genre
Children ARE Evil!
Films we wish had a psycho killer – sometimes they just need to be unleashed on an annoying cast
Icky Ways to Go – the worst ways to be laid to waste in the slasher vaults
Hellego Night – when Hell Night was rendered in Lego
Michael Myers vs Mike Myers – who’s better?
Posters with lots of faces on them – that old 90s thing
Gasp! It’s you – actors seen flexing their craft elsewhere
The Horror Movie Converter – turning dull, rubbish films into decent body count flicks
Halloween 6 vs itself – the theatrical cut vs the producer’s cut
Trade-A-Life – sometimes the wrong character survives
The Slasher Movie Calendar – know your dates of doom
Lonely Hearts Ads
Where does I Know What You Did Last Summer go from here?
Films called ‘Blood something’
Christmas vs New Years – in horror terms, duh
Interview with director Jake Helgren
Interview with director Phil Hawkins

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