Legacies of the 90s: Posters with lots of faces on them

After Scream, gone was artwork with detailed paintings of scary killers brandishing weapons and impressions of scenes from the movie, in came posters with select cast members’ faces all over them – usually in a triangular formation – selling the film on what ‘current’ teen stars were in it rather than how scary or grisly it might be. A lot like this:


Anyone care to take a ‘stab’ (har-de-har-har!) at naming the accompanying films? C’mon… at least four of these are ‘dead’ easy. OK, I’ll stop.



  • Well, I can get Screams 1,2 and 3 along with I Know What You Did Last Summer, but that’s about it!

  • I see Final Stab and Urban Legend: Final Cut.

  • Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legends 2, Scream 3, Final Stab (I actually have this DVD, but I’ve never made it through the whole movie), ???, Scream 2 and The Pool (the US had a different poster, but I recognize Kristen Miller).

  • Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legends: Final Cut, Scream 3, Really don’t know =P, Ripper: Letter from Hell, Scream 2 and Swimming Pool.

  • Back then i used to LOVE these types of posters..now they jsut make me want to throw up

  • I think I know them all (the way I’m typing this is the movies going left to right, starting from top to bottom):

    Scream, I know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legends: Final Cut, Scream 3, Final Stab, Ripper: Letter from Hell, Scream 2 and The Pool.

    I will also add your website to mine in the links part because I really like it. 🙂

  • We have a winner!

    Thanks for the link! Let me know what you want your site to be called and I’ll be sure to link back.

    – Hud

  • Hi Hud, I actually created a new website:


    That you could link to instead, I’d appreciate it! Oh, you can just call this site that I typed in above:

    All Horror Movies


  • These rubbish posters also coincide with the worst horror genre ever – all these weak 90s horrors started with Scream. I remember how poor and unimaginative this crappy posters were at the time – the actual characters were equally poor. Compare this to the golden Horror era of thr 70s and 80s – the posters were absolute classics – even the obscure ropey ones were at least interesting. Sometimes hilarious.
    The 90’s multi-face teen horror posters were as bland and boring as the movies.

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