The 100 Worst Slasher Films: #20-1

worst-stripMy belated Christmas-slash-New Year’s gift to you is the entire countdown of IMDb’s worst ranked slasher films from the 673 I’ve enjoyed/endured.

It saddens me to think of the days spent watching some of these dreadful, dreadful films. If nothing more, I hope this list provides you with a warning of what the avoid next time you’re in the mood for a stack of dead teenagers…


See full commentary for #100-81

100. Fatal Pulse (1988)
99. Blood Cult (1985)
98. Small Town Folk (2007)
97. Axe Giant (2012)
96. Study Hell (2004)
95. StagKnight (2007)
94. Slaughtered (2009)
93. Scar (2005)
92. The Prey (1980)
91. The Jackhammer Massacre (2003)

90. Heebie Jeebies (2004)
89. Hayride (2012)
88. Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain (2005)
87. Dark Walker (2003)
86. Cut (2010)
85. A Crack in the Floor (2000)
84. Cheerleader Massacre (2003)
83. Blood Reaper (2004)
82. Silent Bloodnight (2006)
81. Shadows Run Black (1981)

Commentary for #80-61

80. The Masque of the Red Death (1989)
79. BreadCrumbs (2011)
78. Adam & Evil (2004)
77. Kill Keith (2011)
76. The Choke (2005)
75. The Graveyard (2006)
74. The Pumpkin Karver (2006)
73. Knock Knock (2006)
72. Goodnight, God Bless (1987)
71. Camp Blood 2 (2000)

70. Drive In (2000)
69. Hatchetman (2003)
68. Switch Killer (2005)
67. A Night to Dismember (1983)
66. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994)
65. Horror 102: Endgame (2004)
64. Scared (2001)
63. Terror at Tenkiller (1987)
62. Motorhome Massacre (2006)
61. Deranged (2012)

Commentary for #60-41

60. Bikini Girls on Ice (2009)
59. Dead Above Ground (2002)
58. Camp Blood (1999)
57. The Catcher (1997)
56. The Curse of El Charro (2005)
55. Scarecrow Gone Wild (2004)
54. Paranoid (2000)
53. The Watermen (2011)
52. Blood Sisters (1985)
51. Detention (2010)

50. Seed (2007)
49. Hollow Gate (1988)
48. Splatter University (1984)
47. Devon’s Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy (2005)
46. Do You Wanna Know a Secret? (2001)
45. Final Examination (2003)
44. Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter’s Cove (2005)
43. Snapped (2005)
42. The Retreat (2005)
41. Memorial Day (1999)

Commentary for #40-21

40. Beyond Remedy (2009)
39. Bloody Murder (1999)
38. Dr Chopper (2005)
37. Bunnyman (2010)
36. Drive In Massacre (1976)
35. The Greenskeeper (2003)
34. Dark Harvest (2004)
33. The Last Slumber Party (1988)
32. Scream (1981)
31. Zombie Island Massacre (1984)

30. Jack-O (1995)
29. Mr Ice Cream Man (1991)
28. Hazard Jack (2013)
27. Stupid Teenagers Must Die! (2007)
26. Roadside Massacre (2012)
25. The Bagman (2002)
24. Carnage Road (2000)
23. Hollywood’s New Blood (1988)
22. The Fear: Resurrection (1999)
21. Night of the Dribbler (1990)

Leaving us with the twenty worst received slasher films I’ve seen according to public opinion.

Wait no longer, fresh in at #20…

20. Blood Lake (1987)

IMDb rating: 2.6
VeVo rating: 1 Stars

Three teen couples (actually one couple are like 13) vacation at a shack by a lake, where a Dom DeLuise-a-like killer lays some of them to waste. Two of them to be exact. And maybe two or three other victims? I can’t remember, but this video-made film has poverty row stamped all over it.

19. Killjoy (2000)

IMDb rating: 2.5
VeVo rating: 1.5 Stars

killjoyUrban/ghetto slasher films feature heavily up this end of the worst list. An undercurrent of racism? Possibly, but none of the films are objectively any good. In this one, a sub-Beetlejuice vengeance demon is summoned by a dork who is repeatedly beaten up by the nasty local crew. At only 72 minutes, at least it’s over pretty quick.

18. Appointment with Fear (1986)

IMDb rating: 2.5
VeVo rating: 1 Stars

A man who has sold his soul to some Egyptian tree god kills his wife and goes after his infant son, who has been left in the care of the autistic neighbour, Heather, who has a band of purple make-up around her eyes and pretends she lives inside a jar. At a house in the desert, teens are dispatched until the evil-eyed final girl can rescue the bub and defeat the killer. Debisue Voorhees from Friday V pops in for her usual topless scene, and there’s decent use of one of those handheld satellite-hearing-from-afar thingies, but everything else blows.

17. Movie House Massacre (1984)

IMDb rating: 2.5
VeVo rating: 1.5 Stars

mhm1Teens working at a rundown old cinema where a fire killed loads of people years before are stalked and knifed by the ghost of a geriatric usher, who had murdered the ticket girl the night of the fire. Demented in every possible way, if it’s supposed to be a comedy it ain’t funny. Mary Woronov has a small role (despite top billing) as the bitchy manager’s assistant. Look out for a girl who dies from sliding down a wall!?

16. Spiker (2007)

IMDb rating: 2.4
VeVo rating: 1.5 Stars

A mute, Albino serial killer who stabs his victims with railroad spikes escapes custody and returns to his old haunt where three teen couples are having themselves a party. All usual tropes are checked off the list.

15. Scarecrow Slayer (2003)

IMDb rating: 2.4
VeVo rating: 1 Stars

The second outing of the shoddy Scarecrow series sees Tony Todd as a paranoid farmer who accidentally shoots a teenager, whose soul is transferred into the scarecrow and goes on a killing spree. By far the worst of the ‘series’, topped off with WWE wrestling between two scarecrows. One good line: “You know, you have a real small penis for a guy who’s a real big dick!”

14. Nine Lives (2002)

IMDb rating: 2.3
VeVo rating: 1.5 Stars

ninelivesParis Hilton is the first to die in this rubbish flick set in a Scottish manor house where a English-hating ghost kills off nine ex-public school friends. But Paris is American. Uh? A final boy emerges as he’s Scottish and immune to it. Painful from start to finish.

13. Dark Fields (2003)

IMDb rating: 2.3
VeVo rating: 1 Stars

Five teens on their way to a concert get car trouble and end up stuck in the house of a madman. Zero thrills in this cheap video project from the folks who later doubled the misery with Study Hell.

12. The Slaughterhouse Massacre (2005)

IMDb rating: 2.3
VeVo rating: 0.5 Stars

Two annoying couples explore an old abattoir where a man blah blah killed blah was lynched blah… Of course the loon’s name is Marty Sickle. This is the very worst – outstaying its welcome by forever, pandering to girl-on-girl filler because it’s so fucking empty.

11. Zombie Nightmare (1987)

IMDb rating: 2.2
VeVo rating: 1.5 Stars

zn5Adam West and Tia Carrere star in this demented voodoo revenge slasher, in which a be-mulleted jock is killed by a group of reckless teens in a hit and run, resurrected by the local Haitian priestess, and sets about evening the score. A bad movie dream, with totally different actors playing the zombie in various scenes, cringey acting, but a sense of inoffensive 80s stupidity.

10. Sweet Insanity (2006)

IMDb rating: 2.2
VeVo rating: 1 Stars

Girl’s parents go away for the weekend. Girl has friends over. Friends get stabbed. Cheapo Haute Tension-esque climax is confusing and the audio track is so bad it’s nearly impossible to comprehend what’s going on anyway. Retitled Stranger: A Soul Mate of Chucky for the UK, with a doll on the cover, even though there is no killer doll, no spooky doll, and no mention of dolls in the entire film.

9. Deadtime (2012)

IMDb rating: 2.2
VeVo rating: 1 Stars

dt2Another rock band stalked by another killer whilst making a video for their big comeback. The only distinguishable thing about this one is that it’s British, but this helps none, as it traipses through a bog of bad production unities and a ridiculously annoying killer.

8. Grim Weekend (2003)

IMDb rating: 2.2
VeVo rating: 1 Stars

City folk go to a cabin in the woods, picking up a sexy hitchhiker on the way, where they are tormented by a clown with an axe. Horrible production values and obnoxious characters abound.

7. Cutthroat Alley (2003)

IMDb rating: 2.1
VeVo rating: 2 Stars

The ‘black guy dies first’ cliché is flipped in this urban LA slasher: Most of the cast are black but the white guy gets the blade first. Members of a street gang are being targeted by the masked psycho just as one ex-member is about to go to college after successfully turning his life around. Can he work out who it is before he’s next? A bit more surface polish than the other ‘ghetto’ slasher films make it more bearable and not so deserving of its place here.

6. Skeleton Man (2004)

IMDb rating: 2.0
VeVo rating: 1.5 Stars

A bizarre fusion of 80s action tropes and supernatural slashings as a Delta force team are sent to South America to put a stop to the skeleton-faced figure who is killing everyone. The body count almost reaches 40, a helicopter is shot down with a bow and arrow, Michael Rooker and Casper Van Dien are in it… An unbelievable film experience.

5. Alice in Murderland (2010)

IMDb rating: 2.0
VeVo rating: 0.5 Stars

alice1Sub-cheap rubbish with sorority girls throwing a birthday party in an old abandoned something or other… Alice is 21. Her mother died exactly twenty years ago that night, aged 21. They theme the party Alice in Wonderland. The killer dresses up as one of the characters from the book. An 86-minute endurance test.

4. Dead End Road (2004)

IMDb rating: 1.9
VeVo rating: 2 Stars

A killer who bases his murders on the works of Edgar Allan Poe does in various unfortunates in this cheap, but not awful film. There’s a good twist on The Tell-Tale Heart at the beginning, a pitchfork in the face, a decapitated head churned out of the bowling ball conveyer-return thingy. It’s low end for sure, but there’s worse.

3. (2000)

IMDb rating: 1.6
VeVo rating: 2 Stars

College girls are invited to live in a house and be filmed 24/7 by sleazy low-end producers. Their plans for fame are thwarted by a masked killer who does everyone in. All the usual sex, bi-curiousity, pot-smoking stuff occurs and the killer turns out to be the shy girl heroine.

2. Urban Massacre (2002)

IMDb rating: 1.6
VeVo rating: 1.5 Stars

The entourage of growing rap quintet The Supernatchrals are being offed by another clown masked killer. What it is with urban slasher movies and clowns I do not know… but this one isn’t so bad until the end where the group have the killer cornered, lean in to unmask him and then stop, look at the camera and tell us we have to wait for the sequel. What. The. Fuck.


Ax ‘Em (1992)

IMDb rating: 1.2
VeVo rating: 0.5 Stars

ax-emAn unsurprising victor, Ax ‘Em is quite deserving of its worst-of-the-worst title. Made by a talentless crew, what you can pick up about the story is a group of friends go to a house in the woods where a killer is at work, using strange metal spring things to kill folks with. Again, it tries to reverse the race suppositions by killing off the white characters and leaving about a dozen black people running around between the trees. Only a few of them die, others just vanish from the film altogether. This is less than camcorder made-a-film-on-vacation quality, it’s head-scratchingly strange, with absolutely no apparent knowledge of filmmaking on show. As someones own private film they made with friends, fine, it will give them a laugh at their ten year reunion, but to give it any kind of home video release…? Unfathomably awful, there are not enough sublatives in our language to justify how bad it is.


So there we have it… The 100 Worst. Of course, there are hordes of titles with mysteriously favourable rankings that didn’t make the list, and some that are frankly better than they may seem. Karma.

And the best, you caw, well they’re right here!



  • *offers you an entire bottle of whiskey* something to numb away the pain. You deserve it, buddy, for sitting through this junk pile!

    A Happy New Year to youse, Hud!

  • *downs it in one*

  • You forgot Frozen Scream from 1975/1980.

  • I haven’t seen it.

  • Take Camp Blood and Blood Reaper off of here or I’ll find where you live and stick thumbtacks into your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You’ll need to find everyone who voted it down on IMDb too

  • Well still. Get both Camp Blood and Blood Reaper off of this list. How are they bad? Give me one reason how they are bad.

  • Maybe read the reviews?

  • I did. And the only thing i got was the stupid phrase”FRIDAY THE 13TH RIPOFF”. Cause apparently every Camp Slasher is a rip off of the overpopulated series Friday the 13th.

  • O…K… maybe read again. I just skimmed them and there’s a fair whack of content about the production attributes, acting, and repetition within each film.

    Or better yet, why don’t you tell me what’s good about them?

  • Good things about Blood Reaper: The killer looks cool, the kills are awesome, the acting is actually somewhat good unlike most slasher films, the effort that was put in to it clearly shows, the soundtrack is eerie, and I can see some inspiration from Friday the 13th and The burning and I love both of those films.

    Good things about Camp Blood: The killer looks creepy and cool, the kills are well executed, they do something original with the plot unlike most camp slashers from that time period, the performances by Jennifer Ritchkoff, Courtney Taylor, and Bethany Zolt were really good, and the soundtrack is eerie.

  • I 100% agree with this list. Although, here is a list of films you should’ve put on here.

    1. Dead Clowns (2003)

    2. Halloween Night (2006)

    3. SledgeHammer (1983)

    4. Granny (1999)

    5. Wrong Turn 6 (2014)

    6. Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

    7. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

    8. Jason X (2001)

    9. Jason Goes to hell (1993)

    10. Camp Blood 7: It kills (2017)

    11. Satan Claus (1996)

    12. Psycho Santa (2003)

  • Yeah… no sale I’m afraid. You’re going to have to forge ahead with the thumbtack plan.

  • Four of these I’ve not seen.

    Couldn’t stand Halloween Night; Sledgehammer was at least so bad it was funny; the rest – the franchise ones – are all fair in their own right, even if they’re the worst out of their own series’.

  • I was joking around when I said I was gonna attack people with thumbtacks. But seriously, you asked me what was so good about them and I did so. Also fun fact: did you know that Camp Blood was meant for fans of campy slashers? It was NOT meant to be taken 100% seriously at all. It was made just for fun and because Brad Sykes loved the genre. I should know I’m friends with him on facebook.

  • Jeez, someone must’ve put salt in Jeff Campbell’s coke. Lol.

  • Yes, I got that it was a joke.

  • Ok whatever you say, sir. Also again, CAMP BLOOD WAS NOT MADE TO BE TAKEN 100% SERIOUSLY. BRADLEY SYKES MADE IT BECAUSE HE WAS A FAN OF THE GENRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least if you’re gonna leave Blood Reaper on here, take Camp Blood off, because it was not made to be a serious film. It got both a VHS and DVD release yes, but so did Nigel The Psychopath, and that one was made by a couple of teens having fun.

  • That list was written 5 years ago, I’m not making edits to it now.

    Also, the film still has a 3.0 rating on IMDb, so it would be there regardless. It doesn’t matter what spirit it was made in, people didn’t like it.

  • Ok now I get it. This is a list of the worst slasher films according to IMDB. Sorry I got a little upset there. LOL. My apologies.

  • To: Jeff Campbell.

    If you’re mad about the two films that you praise as if they were a gift from God himself being on here, why are you even viewing this list? Like to be honest. Yes, I personally did like Blood Reaper and Camp Blood. But just because I do, doesn’t mean everyone else has to. I hate the fact that people didn’t like Carrie (2013) but do you see me whining about that? No. So why don’t you take my advice and grow thicker skin! An opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Stop taking personal opinions seriously. Thanks and have a good night.

  • And the reason people didn’t like Camp Blood and/or Blood Reaper is because they’re idiots and they’re morons! Camp Blood and Blood Reaper were awesome and everyone who hated them are probably mentally disabled 13 year olds who can’t stop watching WatchMojo or that idiot Dead Meat.

  • Some people just don’t like shot-on-video productions, dude. It is what it is.

  • Comment Edit:

    Yes because they think if a movie isn’t slow and boring and only focuses on jump scares, doesn’t have an unnecessary amount of CGI, doesn’t have a multi-million dollar budget, then it is trash. This is why I hate our generation. Blood Reaper and Camp Blood are way better than the slow boring paranormal trash we’ve been getting for the past 9 years.

  • Yo dude what is going on here? lots of drama i see. lol. what’s happening?

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    No idea. Everybody suddenly commenting on a five year old post.

  • I think it’s because of films like Hellfest and Halloween 2018 that brought slashers back to life so I guess we’re all here from those? Idk.

  • I was talking about the mean comments. What’s upsetting them?

  • I’m not sure – they like Camp Blood & Blood Reaper but few other folks do.

  • An opinion on two movies is what’s bothering them? That’s dumb. I’ve seen both Camp Blood and Blood Reaper and yeah they’re entertaining in my opinion, but I don’t get how someone could go full-on raging fanboy mode over someone not liking them. I mean I liked them for what they were, but I can see why some people wouldn’t. And unfortunately, there are many slasher film fanboys that can’t see that people have different opinions. I mean one girl made fun of Camp Blood or something and a bunch of slasher film fanboys harassed her on a daily basis. I wish that was a made-up scenario. But it’s true. Horror fans go raging wolf pack mode over these movies.

  • Hudson: Hates Blood Reaper and Camp Blood, but likes Sledgehammer. Now that is funnier than any comedy I’ve seen in a long time lol! Superbad 2: The person so dumb, he defended sledghammer. Make superbad an anthology series and that’s what they should make.

  • I was drunk when I made that comment. But I still stand by my claim. Blood Reaper is better than all of the others on this list.

  • also you lied about this being based off of IMDB ratings. You literally said that you watched these. So since you admitted to watching these and telling people not to watch them, I can tell you that you must be a sucky person to be around. Shame. Real shame!

  • Learn to fucking read:

    “the entire countdown of IMDb’s worst ranked slasher films from the 673 I’ve enjoyed/endured.”

    “I decided to go about it differently, and take all the films I’ve seen, cross-reference them with their IMDb ratings

  • You being drunk doesn’t make it okay.

  • Matty Ross: “Is Jeff still going on about Blood Reaper “haters”? My god why can’t he just let it go. If he doesn’t like people making fun of his precious beloved movie then there is one solution…Don’t come here knowing people are going to make fun of it. And if he has any desire to comment he can respectfully disagree and tell us why he disagrees in a respectful manner. He shouldn’t act like a dickhead over a freaking movie.”

    Given that you’re both coming from the same IP address, maybe go into the next room and ask him?

  • Jeff Campbell: “How did you get my IP? you using a tracker or some shit? dude that’s a crime.”

    LOL then sue WordPress:

    By default, WordPress logs and stores IP addresses of users leaving comments on your website. These IP addresses are permanently stored in your database. The reason for storing IP addresses with each comment is to help site owners combat with unwanted comments or spam.

    “That’s a crime” from the guy who hoped I’d die because of a fucking film review.

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