Films called ‘Blood something’

Blood. Bloooooood. Bluuuuuuuuuuud. It’s in all of us, which is why, when you think about it, it’s kinda ridiculous that it’s such a taboo topic when shown on screen.

Anyway, as it’s a, y’know, key ingredient to elements of horror, should be no surprise to you that there’s quite a number of slasher films called ‘Blood something’: Blood Harvest, Blood Hook, Blood Rage, Blood Sisters, Blood Night, Blood Day, Blood Afternoon… OK I made those last two up.

Here’s a big mashy-thing of those I’ve seen.

Count ’em – how many have YOU seen? How many does this mashy-thing make you WANT to see?

In conclusion: lots of slasher films are called ‘Blood something’.

In secondary conclusion: most of these are shit.

In thirdly conclusion: this post doesn’t really go anywhere. Sorry. I’ll try harder, promise!!


  • BLOOD SONG I’m curious about,I LOVE BLOODY MOON,BLOOD RAGE (!!) BLOOD SISTERS BLOOD BIRTHDAY, and I LOVE that cover for BLOODSPELL,i HATE BLOOD MOON and I have BLOOD HARVEST downloaded, I haven’t been able to see it yet, and as for BLOOD LAKE, no fucking comment.. I rented this back in the 90s liking the cover and regretted it the moment I got home.. I knew I should’ve taken home Sleepaway Camp 3 that night!!

  • I hated Bloody Moon but it’s on my Lovefilm list for a second look; conversely I quite enjoyed Bloodmoon!

    Blood Song was a weird one; I think the killer (fuckin’ Frankie Avalon!!) intermittently plays a flute during. Though, again, I only saw it the once and it was a while back.

    As for Blood Lake. Well…yeah.

  • Blood Night is the best for me, so is Bloody Birthday. Blood Trails is so-so, Bloody Murder is just…God awful…Never heard of Blood Hook

    Heard of Blood Relic…isn’t that the one with the killer dons a pilot’s helmet and suit?

  • Adore Bloody Birthday. Bloody Murder, I actually like that one. Great collage!

  • RE: Blood Relic – yes, that’s the one. I think it was set in a museum. And Debbie Rochon was in it. Other than that, I’m drawing a blank.

    Blood Hook is surprisingly watchable.

  • I’ve had Bloodmoon on DVD forever but never watched it. Not sure why, as it looks quite good! Unlike Bloody Moon, which I agree is dire.

    Love the bloodmash, btw 🙂

  • oh and i also liked Blood Tracks..we need that one in widescreen!

  • Bloodmoon is indeed ‘quite’ good – no more, no less.

  • Blood Beach…
    the five people
    thought to have drowned here-

  • Awesome movie!

  • I’ve not actually seen it. I know, epic FAIL!

    Is it even a slasher flick?

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