Title Recall: Simple and Effective

Pardon the pun, but the title tells it all for this round. These are my favourite title cards – not necessarily those that belong to my favourite movies, but they just tick ‘that’ box, y’know?

Underwhelming though it may be, the colonial-like fontage of All the Boys… makes for prettiness, before it’s then splattered with BLOOOOOOOD, a bit of which seductively drips from the ‘Y’ in the titular character’s name.


Here we are again with cutesy lettering design, like that beautiful calligraphy we all wish we were capable of. [Review here].


I’m weirdly entranced by the swirly hypnotic end-of-film credits sequence of Darkness Falls. I actively dislike this whole credits-at-the-end thing, but the sexy graphics, coupled with the awesome Vixtrola song ‘Gunboat’, make me think it was intended for use at the opening and then shoved to the back because some exec thought the pacing wasn’t tight enough.


Simple n’ striking, just like the film itself.


Much-laughed-at sequel, largely disowned even by Wes Craven, but I like this title card, it’s rough n’ rustic looking, completely at odds with the comedic marathon that follows: blind and psychic final girl, dog capable of flashbacks, Sherry Palmer from ’24’… It rocks. [Review]


It’s all about the misaligned text, oooh chaotic right? Nah… not very, Last Summer is so straight it could march with one of those wackadoo churches at an anti-everything parade.


…And speaking of churches, more nice fonty action, but it doesn’t really go with the whole Prom Night ‘brand’ if you will. [Review].


Dig those shoes. Bet they were comfy. Another rubbish film with a nice and neat title card. Very 80s when you think about it, ‘specially those white socks with jeans. [Review]


And lastly, a film that’s as simple and effective (though not massively) as it’s postcard title card. Dull font, but the locale is all picturesque and purty – just the place you’d expect a psychotic loon to show up dressed as The Tooth Fairy. I can’t actually remember who the killer was or if they were a supernatural entity or not.

So there we go, some nice title cards. Bye.


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