Title Recall: Freeze Frames

Yet moooore title cards, this time of the ‘freeze frame’ variety, which, as you can see are fairly random at times…


Love this film as I do, I never really got the purpose of this bizarre flashback scene concerning a child’s party and a scary jack-in-the-box, and this particular shot is an odd place for the title to sweep in… [Review]


A car coming down the road. About as interesting as Bloody Murder, possibly re-fonted for the UK release here, gets.


Chucky lives! Sort of. He’s very burned. [Review]


An en-blurred panning shot from this little-seen reality show slasher flick with Edward Furlong (phnrrrr!). The font tells us all we need know.


Another cheapo DVD film, though this one has a low-bud 80s appeal (despite being made in 2000), and the title has a sort of here-comes-the-night sense of foreboding.


Also known as Fear, a freeze on the main character’s face as he acts in the cheeseball slasher film he’s starring in before the horror begins.


Everybody waaaants to be a winner! [Review]


The crazed eyes of sexy psycho ‘Ray’ from He Knows You’re Alone. All sweaty and intense, the title kind of floats out of his eyes.


I always thought this was an odd shot to bring the almighty title to screen, seconds after the names of stars Nielsen, Curtis and Stevens come up in over-quick succession. Poor little Robin, she just wanted to play ‘Killer’ with the big kids… [Review]


A flash-forward moment from Christopher Smith’s amusing comic-slasher, he spins the frame and we get a sleazy executive hanging upside down now bleeding upwards. Cool. [Review]


He boarded right into a wire. Ouch.


Valerie’s still having bad dreams about the Driller Killer from the first Slumber Party Massacre film when the girly, pink title pops up here for the shoddy sequel.


Girly slo-mo pillow fight as the camera cruises through the titular house, which will soon become a hotbed of murder and mayhem. [Review]


About the most innovative moment from the fifth Wrong Turn outing; good job it wasn’t part six…

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  • Yes, soap opera is exactly right!
    I can’t recommend Drive In from memory as I’ve not watched it in about 5 years, but I remember it being okay if nothing more…

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