Ridiculous scene o’ the month: How to do the Prom Night dance moves

I love Prom Night. The original, that is, not that shoddy, fit-for-ten-year-olds excuse for a remake a few years back.

Jamie Lee Curtis, a straight-walking Leslie Nielsen, big hair, bad hair, the revenge motifs aside, perhaps the single most memorable thing about the movie is the hilarious pretender to the Saturday Night Fever throne scene.

Bitchy love rival Wendy enters the dance and prom royalty-to-be Kim (Curtis) and Nick (Casey Stevens) decide to “show them what they can do,” which translates as some seriously unsettling ‘dance moves’, the kind of thing they did in the street in Fame, but even more out of place being in a slasher film…

rsotm-promnight-2Bouncing butts, lots of head thrusting and that spinning thing you did at discos with your best friend when you were about seven: Safe to say if I’d gone to this prom I’d never have wanted it to end. Even after the decapitated head on the cat walk thingy, I’d still be dancin’!

All of it can be found in this delectable five minute sequence. If you have never seen it, hot-foot it to YouTube NOW!


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