Icky ways to go: Chain reaction

This month, our Icky Way to Go comes courtesy of almost-good movie Chain Letter, which is ironically about email. Anyhoo, in this particularly gruesome scene, the obligatory hot jock guy gets violently done in by the killer, ‘Chain Man’ (Jesus wept…) who uses Chains on those who fail to forward the Chain letter email. Chain, chain, chain.

After being hoisted up by chains in some sub-S&M game, hot jock’s tendons are slashed so he can’t run away, and yet more chains are used to sort of grind down his ocular and jaw regions. Ouch. Hot jock no more.


  • Did you watch the unrated version that didn’t make it to the UK? (I’ve only seen the still-pretty-gruesome British edit myself.)

  • Nah, just the standard BBFC ‘cut’, which, as you say, was still pretty gruesome. The film isn’t good enough to seek out 4 seconds of extra bloodletting.

  • Does the Chain Main really need to hoist him up with chains just to cut the tendons? I mean the dude’s strong, can’t he just tackle his victim down AND THEN cut the tendons?

    Geez, the things slashers do to keep up with their gimmicks…

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