Icky ways to go: Buzz saw bisection

For years, prints of Intruder were heavily cut due to the ├╝ber grue on display: The box-crusher head squish, eye on a paper-needle, and this… the buzz saw bisection so well done (in non-CG 1988 terms), that censors were concerned Intruder was a snuff movie. Maybe.

Anyway, for poor supermarket heartthrob Dave (Billy Marti), cutting his finger on a box cutter proves to be fatal when he goes to fetch a band aid (or plaster, here in Britain), finds his dying boss, and is sabotaged by the mystery killer, who hacks at and subdues him with a meat cleaver before dragging him across the floor and holding his head in place next to the butcher’s saw blade (used for separating pieces of meat) and, well, this…



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