Dire-logue’s Greatest Hits Volume 9: Sarcastic much?

Lowest form of wit though it maybe, sarcasm is still clearly the funniest. See?

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2002): “That’s the spirit of Halloween – kids in the hospital.”

THE BUTCHER (2005): “Leave her – she’s dead now, she’ll be dead when we get back.”

THE CHOKE (2005): “Why do you have to be obsessed with death? Why can’t you be fascinated with kittens or something?”

DEAD GIRLS (1990): “Please stop embarrassing him and yourself and anyone else forced to watch this revolting spectacle.”

GOODNIGHT, GOD BLESS (1987): “When they put teeth in your mouth they ruined a perfectly good asshole.”

THE GREENSKEEPER (2002): “We pay these people minimum wage… You think they’d try and earn it!”

GUTTERBALLS (2008): “Those balls are shitty and used. Like your underwear.”

HOT FUZZ (2007): “You wanna be a big cop in a small town? Fuck off to the model village!”

HOUSE OF DEATH (1981): “If his brains were T.N.T. he couldn’t muster a good fart!”

JEEPERS CREEPERS II (2003): “You were waving pom-poms at people this morning and now all of a sudden you’re a psychic hotline!?”

LAST DANCE (1992): “Was that your mother I ran over in the parking lot? You should teach her not to chase cars.”

MOVIE HOUSE MASSACRE (1984): “Is it a requirement to have an IQ over 50 to work here?”


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