Dire-logue’s Greatest Hits Volume 12: All you ever think about is sex

Sex and slasher films… They in love! Must be, all they ever do is talk about it…


BACK SLASH (2005): “I’m a double major: computer science and history… My virginity is not a choice.”

BLOODY MURDER (1999): “If it comes down to it I’m willing to be with you carnally.”

CHEERLEADER CAMP (1987): “I’ll drop dead if you’ve ever tried head.”

CLUB DREAD  (2004): “People please – is it too much to ask? Have sex with the guests!”

DETOUR  (2003): “Mm, tastes like micro-phallus.”

THE FEAR: RESURRECTION (1999): “Everything is about getting laid.”

HARD TO DIE (1990) “I just wanna get my clothes on and get the hell out of here.”

iMURDERS (2008): “It’s difficult to put the milk back in the carton when you’ve already had the cereal.”

MIDNIGHT MOVIE (2008): “They say scary movies are an aphrodisiac…” / “If you get turned on by this we’re breaking up!”

SAVAGE WEEKEND (1976): “Sweet talk won’t do it fellas, I’m into rough trade.”

THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE MASSACRE (2005): “Do you think she’s hot with her big tits and no panties?”

TORMENTED (2009): “Just because she’s head girl doesn’t mean she gives good head.”

WACKO (1982): “I can’t help it if I sound like a lawnmower every time I get excited.”


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