Dire-logue’s Greatest Hits Volume 11: Showdowns, killer wisdom, & piss-poor excuses to kill

Who doesn’t love a good exposition? Well, Jason and Michael for two, but in a mystery-slasher, everybody always wants to know why. Why? Why? Why?

Well, the answer you want is not always the answer you get… And conversely, anybody present at the climactic showdown scene is capable of talking utter, utter crap. Beware thy spoilers


BLOOD HOOK (1985): “I will now proceed to blow the motherfucker away.”

BLOOD TRACKS (1985): “Look at their women – evil! They deserve to die.”

CLASS REUNION MASSACRE (1976): “You mustn’t make me chase you… I could die of a heart attack.”

GIRLS NITE OUT (1982): “My daughter was about your age. Then she met a guy like you. Now she’s dead.”

HEARTSTOPPER (2006): “Get back here, you Christ-infected bitch! When I’m inside you I’ll make you hell’s slut!”

ICE CREAM MAN (1994): “You little turds are gonna learn you can’t run from the ice cream man!”

THE LANDLADY (1997): “You can’t even be quiet when you’re dead!”

LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III (1990): “What the hell is wrong with you?” / “We’re hungry.” / “Never heard of pizza!?”

THE MAJORETTES (1987): “Sluts, teases… Flaunting their bodies. They had to be purified.”

MINDHUNTERS (2004) : “Eenie, meenie, miney, mo – who’s the next motherfucker to go?”

SEED OF CHUCKY (2004): “You killed my mommy and daddy – and now you’re pissing your pants!”

STEEL TRAP (2007): “Living well is pretty good, but I’d say killing people is the best revenge, really.”

YOU BETTER WATCH OUT (1980): “You’re blaming me for all the horrible things you’ve done because of something I said when I was six years old?”


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