Dire-logue’s Greatest Hits Volume 10: Stay calm, now…

“We all go a little mad sometimes,” so said one Norman Bates many, many moons ago. He wasn’t necessarily just speaking for “those of us” (but not me) who flip and start killing people, far more common is that many of us (this time including me) just flip and yell a lot…

THE DRILLER KILLER (1979): “I’ll tell you what you know about… You know to BITCH, and how to eat, and how to BITCH, and how to shit, and how to BITCH!”

FINAL STAB (2001): “Why don’t you go find a phone, some help at a nearby farmhouse, or a fucking tampon! I don’t care.”

HARPOON: REYKJAVIK WHALE WATCHING MASSACRE (2009): “I might be disgusting to you, but this fag here is the only hope your Bible-belt ripped church ass has of getting out of this alive!”

HAVE A NICE WEEKEND (1975): “You do exactly what I tell you! Mother – make sandwiches for everyone.”

HOLLOW GATE (1988): “Just a few Halloween nuts – is that all you old bitches want? Happy Halloween you filthy old HAG!”

KOLOBOS (1999): “How about a nice, hot cup of shut the fuck up!?”

MR HALLOWEEN (2006): “Why does everybody in this GODDAMN town gotta tell me my GODDAMN job? Got no GODDAMN  respect!”

OFFICE KILLER (1996): “Kim: go home… go to unemployment… just leave!”

SCARECROW GONE WILD (2004): “If I hear the worlds “let’s split up” I will bitch-slap the both of you.”

TENEBRAE (1982): “Male heroes… with their hairy, macho bullshit.”

TOOLBOX MURDERS (1977): “Come here, you dirty fornicator!”

VOYEUR.COM (2000): “Hey, you’re killing my buzz, Euroboobs!”


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