A Rose by any other name


2.5 Stars  1998/15/88m

“She’s a hot cold-blooded killer.”

A.k.a. Dearly Devoted (UK)

Director: Steve Cohen / Writers: Kurt Anderson, Kelly Carlin-McCall, Richard Brandes, Steve Cohen, Michael Michand / Cast: Rose McGowan, Alex McArthur, Peg Shirley, J.C. Brandy, Phil Morris, Robert Silver, Sherrie Rose, Julia Nickson, Ryan Bittle, Krissy Carlson.

Body Count: 7

“You wanna play Psycho Killer? Can I be the helpless victim? Oh, let’s see… No, please don’t kill me Mr Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!” So go Rose McGowan’s awesome lines as Tatum in Scream.

But where did she go after? Not that anybody from that film hit the stratospheric heights of stardom Drew Barrymore ascended to… I mean, where are Skeet Ulrich and Jamie Kennedy!?

Rose ended up here, in this obsessed-woman film that’s about ten years behind the curve, and yet managed to spawn a sequel going by the moniker Teacher’s Pet starring fellow ex-slasher-franchisee Jodi Lyn O’Keefe.

Rose is Debbie Strang, an unhinged teen who develops intense crushes on her male teachers to the point where destroying those who stand in her way becomes her favourite pastime. After burning her first love to death along with her mom, Deb is packed off to live with Piper Laurie-esque grandmother, who calls her a slut once too many times and is thus sent off with the goodwill donations.

While nicely put together and featuring a likeable performance from McGowan, the dialogue is too often feeble and there are a lot of loose ends fluttering – such as the fate of the social worker who’s struck with the kettle?

Okay fare but a bit of a waste of its lead’s talent.

Blurbs-of-interest: J.C. Brandy took over Danielle Harris’ role as Jamie Lloyd for Halloween 6; Ryan Bittle was in The Clown at Midnight.

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  • “So go Rose McGowan’s awesome lines as Tatum in Scream. But where did she go after?”

    Well, just counting the realms of horror, she was in Grindhouse, and a Victor Salva flick about a homicidal paperboy (apparently the second film ever made with that exact premise).

  • oooooh! Never heard or seen this one!But it sounds passable and the trailer look kinda good…

    Now I must hunt again!…or surf the web, whichever one works best!

  • I think there’s a twin pack with the sequel too, which has Rod from Elm Street in it as ‘the crush’.

  • “Teacher’s Pet” is called “Devil in the Flesh 2”, yes a sequel.

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