Dear VeVo…

Every now and then people send me stuff. Most of the time it’s a request to advertise their casino (!?) on the page or review their documentary on Japanese agricultural practices of the 1700s, but once in a while it’ll actually have something to do with what I write about…

So with a big YAY! I can say that here is the concept trailer for a fun looking indie slasher pic called Founders Day, which hopes to go into production later this year. A sucker for calendar-date slasher films, can’t deny this doesn’t look pretty dayum good…

Plottage: “After the shocking murder of a high school student in the suburban town of Fairfield, Samantha Campbell and her new group of friends find themselves at the center of an intricate murder mystery.”

Here’s hoping for lots of running down empty corridors (check!) and dark secrets from the past coming back to bite the town in the ass.

Take a look at their Facebook page here and show ’em some love.


Elsewhere, I got sent a SONG about slasher movies by The Pale Faces called ‘The First To Go’. Listen here (it’s only 82 seconds long, whaddaya got to lose?) I couldn’t get all the words THAT clearly, though it sounded like the golden rule of ‘don’t get stoned’ was in it.


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