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Prom Trite

On my zillionth viewing of Prom Night, I thought some stuff. Not just “my God, is that how they danced in 1979!?” or “that’s her dress?” but plotty things like:

  • The Halloween influence is so heavy: The street Jude crosses looks exactly like the one Laurie and friends walk down in Haddonfield.
  • How can Kelly and Jude be friends with each other, let alone the sister of the girl they killed?!
  • And Nick – dating her???
  • It’s pretty obvious who it is from ten minutes in.
  • Kim’s prom queen dress makes Molly Ringwald’s one from Pretty in Pink look like Chanel.
  • Are Leslie Nielsen and his missus supposed to be suspects? Where are they at the end?
  • Drew should’ve been murdered. Gruesomely.
  • Nick, although nice, deserved to go too

prom night 1980

  • Wendy’s chase scene is still the best. Ever.
  • Nobody heard a van explode? Nobody was outside smoking, making out, or getting air?
  • The killer should’ve turned out to be Kelly, guilt-ridden over what they did.
  • The disco choons really are awesome. Time to Turn Around was stuck in my head all last night.

Play Jay

With still little to no news on the upcoming Friday the 13th film/TV series/reality show/Real Housewives of Crystal Lake nonsense, I stumbled upon this amazing looking project over at Kickstarter…

If that doesn’t tick just about every frickin’ box for what I want out of the next Jason film… Full moon, campfire, skinny dipping, “did you hear something”-style dialogue. Step back, producer folk, you almost recaptured bits of that in 2009, but if it can be rendered in a game, y’all can do it on film!

The downside is that Pac Man is about my limit when it comes to ‘gaming’, so this will likely go right over my head. Sad times.

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