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Today I love…

Vincent the dog from Lost.

With the show now on the brink of its end, I was thinking about characters past and have mourned the lack of Vincent in these last two seasons when he’s quite clearly the best of the lot.

No moaning, no stupid flashbacks (although, how awesome would that be!?), no “woe is me, I am Dr Shepherd, the most lazily-drawn hero going…Wah wah wah…”


Vincent is where it’s at. He can survive plane crashes, find decomposed limbs and find hours of entertainment in a tennis ball. Even cooler that he is, in fact, a she!

With two episodes left, I’m hoping Vincent will return, unveiled as the guardian of The Island, claw that annoying Ben bloke to death and bounce through the woods in a parade of gleeful happiness.

Today I love…

kids_from_fameThe Kids from Fame.

How good were the 80s? Toooo good. I was a bit young for Fame the first time around but Justin Lee Collins’ reunion show last year prompted me to watch some and it ruled! Leroy, Bruno, Coco, Julie, Danny, Montgomery and Doris (my favourite) danced and sang their way through the┬ámelodramas of love, success, failure, drugs, wank-hole parents and did it with shiny smiles and morals! We should not forget Lydia, Ms Sherwood and Mr Shorofsky either.

Hi-Fidelity, hi!

Today I love…


Degrassi Junior High.

The sub-Madonna hair, the over-sized glasses, the complex plotting and ‘teen issues’, like when Stephanie thanked Joey instead of Voula and their friendship was terminated, or when the girl with the Pat Benetar hair and her pal donned rubber pig noses to try and make the kid who was getting beat up by his dad laugh…

Not to forget┬áthat great theme song; “…c’mon you gotta try at Degrassi Junior Hiiiiiigh!”

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