Title Recall: Like it like that

Lazy post, I know, but I have vary limited access to my film collection – and my laptop gets too hot to plough through the DVDs I did bring with me.

Not much profound to say except that I like these ones.


A.K.A. House of Death, I like the little sound-wave thingy that spikes as some doomed girl shrieks her last.


Simple and straightforward, much like Final Exam itself.


Quite why it was renamed so grandiosely for the UK I do not know…

hn2The almost-frat comedy undertones of Hell Night (and Hellego Night) are evident in the way the wavy font shimmers on to the screen as we pan across a raucous campus party.

prom2aAbout the best moment in this soggy sequel – I love titles where the suffix and prefix are switched, and diggin’ those fonts, Hamilton High!

sndn1aWay to ruin Christmas! Even if it wasn’t crashed by an axe wielding psycho, odds are there’d be some huge family row instead [Review].

spm1aI just like the fontage here [Review].

someguy2So much happiness and colour! How could it possibly go wrong? The slight ‘forced enjoyment’ here is indicative of themes in the movie, which is pretty damn good [Review].

tt2The drama! The orchestral crescendo! The beautiful train! OK, a little overwrought for a slasher film, but one so high up the rankings deserves nothing less [Review].

tcm03aPart of why I enjoy this yet-to-be-reviewed remake more than most is that they tried to be scary, rather than just hoping what they threw at the wall would stick. It’s mostly successful. This works.

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