Lesbian camping trip – and not a powertool in sight


2.5 Stars  2003/18/99m

A.k.a. Lesbian Psycho (DVD reissue)

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Director: Sharon Ferranti / Writer: Lauren Johnson / Cast: Moynan King, Hollace Starr, Virginia Baeta, Melanie Freedom Flynn, Amanda Spain, Lava Alapai, Nora Stein, Neil Wilson, Eric Vichi.

Body Count: 8

Dire-logue: “I just don’t like to see ladies bothered by people who’re bothering them. It’s…bothersome.”

A lesbian camping trip slasher film immediately sounds like blood-coated porn for 15-year-old boys, stocked with silicone-boobed blonde bombshells making out with each other. Well think again, Pizzaface, Make A Wish is about proper lesbians.

In what was most likely the first gay-centric slasher flick (despite what the producers of HellBent might say), a group of gal-pals gather for Susan’s birthday camping trip where they become the victims of the customary off-camera psychotic. Could it be the jealous boyfriend of the gone-straight hasbian? A horny hunter who keeps turning up to perv? Or the escaped patient being tracked by a private detective?

Sloppy murders ensue and the running time is padded out with intermittent sex scenes that would look exploitative if the director weren’t herself a family member. At least she creates an interesting group of gay women, which includes a childlike wiccan and a tree-hugging vegan and almost all of the group have had liaisons with birthday girl, Susan and all have an array of sensible shoes. Ferranti doesn’t force any issues of sexuality or feminism, much as it’s gay-boy brethren HellBent, the orientation of the characters is more or less incidental.

Now, I’ve been camping with lesbians and they’re nothing if not prepared for the wilderness. I hoped the last chick standing would go all A-Team on the killer’s ass with a gadget she’d been previously had no use for, or at least throw a cat at them.

Essentially, it’s nothing more than Friday the 13th‘s gay cousin with a confusingly inconclusive finale that’s lacking in the clarity department. All the same it’s a fairly diverting product worth a once over.

Disturbingly re-titled Lesbian Psycho for a later DVD release.


  • Love it. You should come camping with me sometime. I’m well stocked up on checked shirts LOL The film sounds worth it just for the sexy bits.

  • Cheers! There was a leather jacket in there too, if I recall correctly. They packed EVERYTHING!

    – Hud

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