Today I love… Halloween: Resurrection (God forgive me)

Halloween: Resurrection… at the time of writing it has a 4.0 rating on IMDb and everyone moans how crap it is. But not me, no! I can’t help it, there’s just something about it that I like…

  • It’s not Busta Rhymes’ sorry excuse for acting;
  • It’s not the beyond-ridiculous Twist of Fury that is the explanation for Michael being alive;
  • And it’s not the stupid ‘murder’ of Laurie Strode (notice that her fall is partly broken by tree branches?)

It’s the slashtasticness of it… As a dead-teenager Halloween-set stalk n’ slash film, it’s just super fun.

  • The slayings are bloody and archetypal of the genre;
  • The final girl is remotely aided by a room full of over-acting teenagers;
  • The theme tinkers along when needed;
  • It’s more than well enough made;
  • And it’s still about 10,000,000 times better than the Rob Zombie films;
  • Tyra Banks makes this face:

There, pool your cash resources and get me therapy.


  • I love the absurdity of the film crew bringing a whole coffee shop with them on set. When Tyra is making a cappucino with foam and a candy swizzle while directing the video camera placement, I fell in love with this movie. It’s the little things. Apparently, everyone has a milk foamer available on the go? 😀

  • I will forgive you, but only if you throw some love Halloween 5’s way.

  • Ha! I really quite like H5 up until Tina is killed. After that it goes south VERY fast.

  • This movie is an indefensible piece of shit, not the slightest patch on the next worst installment in the series, and I feel like the producers pissed in my eye socket when it was all over.

    I think the moment I recall most(I’m glad you know some things about this steaming pile are beyond the pale) is when it turned Laurie Strode into an idiot. She has Michael in her grasp, falls for his face-grabbing trick(so he saw the paramedic do the same thing even though the prologue showed he was walking around outside the school?) and then goes to make sure the man who JUST TRIED TO KILL HER is Michael Myers. Who cares if it’s Michael Myers? He broke into your room with a knife! Ice the bastard!

    And I’m barely even scratching the laundry list of problems. It doesn’t work as a goofy killfest because all the kills are boring, uninventive, and not particularly gruesome. Kajlich is the series’ worst final girl; no small feat for a series with a movie that had Scout Taylor-Compton shrieking profanities and acting like a spaz for most of the running time. It’s probably the most boringly shot movie in the series.

    Oh, and a victim’s camera keeps transmitting even after Michael severs its cord by slicing off her head.

    But, hey, as they say in Latin, “De gustibus non est disputandum”.

  • Ha! I do remember the TV spots (and possibly trailer) made it look like Laurie would break out and come to the rescue at the end, only for them to heartlessly kill her. That is certainly unforgivable.

  • “Tyra Banks makes this face”

    And her attempt at acting in her deleted death scene.

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